About the Overlook


Africa America Alliance is funding the development of a permanent tribute to Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), the human rights champion and former president of South Africa. A global icon of the struggle for freedom and justice, Nelson Mandela continues to inspire people around the world with the example of his life. His effort to end Apartheid in South Africa is one of the remarkable stories of the 20th century.


Other than a bronze statue outside the South African Embassy in Washington, D.C. this is the first permanent tribute to Mandela to be announced in the United States.The University of Massachusetts Lowell is partnering with the AAA and the monument will be constructed on their grounds.



Why Lowell, Massachusetts


Lowell is home to thousands of people from more than a dozen nations in Africa. Each year the African Festival on the Merrimack River brings together the diverse African community as well as their neighbors from the Lowell community as a whole. To acknowledge the presence and contributions of the growing African community, its leaders are seeing to create a Nelson Mandela-themed public space on the grounds of the Paul E. Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell. 



The Overlook Monument


Africa America Alliance has partnered with UMass students to create the monument. The class will work throughout the year designing and fine-tuning monument proposals. After a voting process takes place, the monument will be built and placed on UMass property.

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