Dedicated to the pursuit of human rights and equality for all, Africa America Alliance advances awareness in the global Black community by engaging, empowering,  and uplifting it’s residents through education, public policy, and economic opportunity.


Our vision is to strengthen and encourage our community to become the leaders of tomorrow by giving them an equal voice in government, business and the community as a whole. The objective is to build the Black community confidence, embrace creativity and civic engagement as well as to strive to foster partnerships by engaging other diverse groups.


  “Division is Defeat, Relate and Embrace” 

(1).  Embrace  our  differences  in  diversity  and  cultures,

(2).  Exude  confidence,  (3).  Overcome our  obstacles

and (4). Take pride in our community and its leaders as a whole.

About the Overlook

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Nelson Mandela's Life


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